MTV Splitsvilla Episode 1 Summary

MTV Splitsvilla is India’s first Romance Reality Show where LOVE IS WAR for 20 girls in order to impress 2 boys who are looking for love. These 2 boys who are ex-roadies - Varun from roadies 5.0 and Vishal from roadies 4. MTV Splitsvilla is a creation of MTV at Goa in Intercontinental – The grand Goa Resort.

On the first episode of MTV Splitsvilla where love is war all the girls landed Goa airport and from there they were taken to villa - Intercontinental where Rannvijay was waiting for them. He explained the task – where these girls need to stay for 1 month and in this tenure they have to impress and make these 2 boys fall in love with them. But first question: Whether the girls gonna like the boys or not? But it hardly matters as the lead is under boys hands, who can keep the girls or dump them.

The game starts lets see whether the girls Gonne impress these boys on their first impression and leave a mark on them.

As the girls entered the villa some were surprised by seeing the venue, others were amazed and found it awesome. One among them Yamini described it as luxury and having fun. They all were crazy and ran to grab their rooms. Bosky asked for the ground floor with her joined Shraddha, Vani, Minakshi. When she entered she found a Jacuzzi to that she was unable to control her happiness.
On the other side Bianca was repeatedly asking for the room from Anubha. It seemed as a child cries for milk she was crying for room. As the girls were busy talking to there surprise they found mugs, Vodafone handset, key chains, sim card kept on their tables especially for them. But poor girls didn’t know that the communication was meant for talking only to Rannvijay and LOVE GURU(Who was unknown).
Now the real game starts- the first impression that they have to show on the boys. All were busy getting ready to look best and give a finishing touch to their makeup. One side they were little nervous as they were unknown to whom they are meeting to, who are those 2 boysJ.
Rannvijay explained the girls on how the task is to be done, one by one the girls will be meeting these guys and introduce themselves and leave a good impression on there mind. At the end of the show only 2 girls will win and each of them will get Rs 5 Lakh each, and both couples will get a chance to host on MTV show.

Each girl tried her best to impress the boys but the boys were too smart. Some left a good impression and some were unable to. As for Sneh Richa, Vishal coded that the moment he saw her face, the vibes that were coming from her were not so energetic and there was no sign of enthusiasm- I want to do it for which she was dumped.

Ritu too was dumped as it seemed to the boys that she does not want to stay here. As for Akansha, Varun felt that she had come for some other reasons to this Akansha was surprised and felt insulted as they misunderstood her words.
Its party time gals : All were again busy getting ready for the party to look hot and sexy. As they entered the scenario was so beautiful that all were excited. Some started dancing on the dance floor. Minakshi was unable to stop herself from dancing as she was so involved in it that other girls were jealous and started commenting on her dancing step. Some found her as a bar dancer some commented that she was showing off in front of the camera. But to all these Minakshi was completely unaware as she was in her own world.

When the boys entered they found girls more beautiful and sexy as before. And one by one girls starting flirting them. Shraddha told Vishal to accompany her for Salsa. Simran started teaching Varun salsa. It seemed as if Varun didn’t knew salsa but he too enjoyed – “ok Babes teach me then”. The most funniest part of this dance was that it was not known who was the boy – Simran or Varun as Simran was rolling Varun around her. Among the girls the boys found the most hottest was Annie as she had an Arabic look and was totally different from others.

Rannvijay introduced Sikander Kher - a celebrity who helped the girls in motivating them how they should attract the boys and one thing that was quiet valuable was “ A Good sense of humor does not come without intelligence” So, if you are not intelligent you lack something. To this there is a phrase – “Beauty without brain”. If you have beauty you should have brain too as in order to carry on with the task you need some strategies to follow to reach your goal.
Party time over its commenting time: In the morning they got an SMS from Rannvijay to be on the lodge within 15min. There he told them to do a task - write down the name of the girls whose influence affected them badly. Sharddha wrote Heena names as she found her not so friendly. Priyanka wrote Annie name as she found her personality, looks not good and found her insure. Similarly every girl wrote the name and explained the reason why they wrote it.

Splitsvilla Bajate raho session: The interesting part starts now when 7 girls (Simran, Richa, Vani, Anubha, Minakshi, Heena and Annie) were selected and told to go for a date with Vishal and Varun. It was a second chance for them to impress the boys; from here 3 girls would be dumped.

The boys found the date quiet boring and they told the girls to do something. To this Minakshi started with romantic poetry but it was bouncing out of mind as they were unable to understand and catch her words to what she was speaking. Varun insisted Annie to dance on the table. Annie was too happy that as he told she didn’t wasted any time “Jo hokum mere aaka” and the dance started. When Minakshi was asked to describe her in one word she told “A superstar” Varun was too annoyed, his facial expression were to be seen. When Richa was asked she told that she is a good philosopher and bla bla… Varun stopped her and insisted not to make the environment boring. At the end the decision was left on the boys to decide whom to dump and whom to keep from those 7 girls.
While the girls were returning to the villa they decided to play a game on the other girls who were relaxing in splitsvilla. They went and started telling the girls that they were save and rest girls were all eliminated. But the whole game came to an end when Minakshi disclosed it to Bosky as she was too nervous and Minakshi was unable to see her at this condition. Flop Game L.

Comes the eliminating round, the 7 girls were called and one by one the boys started giving there views. Varun found Henna quiet confident but he suggested her to be aware of her over confidence. They found Richa jolly, interesting but was unable to express herself. As to stay in Splitsvilla you need to have this feature so as to connect with the other person.

Vishal found Anubha quiet and too shy, to this she replied that she needed some time to understand what exactly the boys need and will give her 100% after she knows that. Simran was also told, she describes herself as bold, outgoing but there was no sign of as such. The best game was played by Vani, Varun congrats her for playing a nice game. To that he also added that here they have not come to play game but insearch of love.
Lastly some one has to go out as this is just a game, everybody can’t stay here. In a game there is an exit gate too. Richa, Simran and Vani were dumped out of Splitsvilla. At the end while going Simran said that Vishal is a rude guy and full of attitude.

So what’s next - Look for the next episode of MTV Splitsvilla.

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