MTV Splitsvilla Episode 2 Summary

A new bright morning welcomes the girls with a shocking surprise. Rannvijay entered splitsvilla and called up all the girls to come down within 10sec. The girls thought that they would be explained the program, voting out happenings etc but nothing of that sort happened. He took out one by one the vodaphone mobile that were given to them in the starting. A message which was send to Bosky which goes on: “Hai mere bacha, don’t know what to say. Hope the best for u always... Bianca to confessed that she gave a miss call to her mom, but she only said that she did becoz she wanted to see whether it contained some balance or not. For the stupidity and breaking the rules, the amount that they were about to get at the end i.e. 5lakhs has been deducted to 2.5 lakhs.

All girls were very much disappointed as for 2-3 girls they have to bear this consequence. Bosky was the main target as Bianca made her way out of that.

The entry of a new girl- Ritu made everybody disappointed as without any competition she was in Splitsvilla. When she entered she gave all a warm hug and made them feel that she is part of them. Both the boys were also curious to know about the new girl. So, both of them decided to visit splitsvilla. When they entered Splitsvilla they started searching for Ritu, but she was busy with her make-up. They then went to the other girls. Varun wanted the day to be more exciting so he decided to go on the pool. All the girls were also ready for that. “Gopiyo ke beech meh Krishna Kanhiya”. They all enjoyed staying on the pool. Varun found Bianca too hot and sexy among all the other girls. Chemistry was going on between Shradha and Vishal. The girls were busy flirting and boys were enjoying and were having fun.

In the evening they got a message from Rannvijay to meet at Splitsvilla pool bar. When they all reached there they found Rannvijay standing with both the boys. Today the girls need to perform a task named ‘Wicked and Wild’. Pairs would be made and the name would be taken out by the boys. Some boxes were kept in front of them which contained name of 2 girls. The game started, the girls need to do or dare the other girl in the pair. Rannvijay gave them 15min to thing about the dare. The dare that they gave should be such that if she can’t do it and the girl (who have given the dare) should be able to do it.

Some dares were very silly and stupid but some were challenging like dancing Kathak inside the pool which Minakshi did very well. The other was Galliya do kitne de saktey hoJ. Shruti started abusing and …. Bla bla everybody wondered she knew so many, it was really mind blowing. All girls were in splits after listening to this. The best of all was balle dance performed by Anubha. Awesome the way she moved her body. After that 2 girls were saved from the dumping zone- Bosky and Hoorzan. Ritu was also saved.

Vodaphone 2nd Chance :
4 girls who were in the dumping zone-Henna, Bianca, Shradha, Aarti went to Casapitona for a date, the view was mind blowing. When they meet each other Varun found it too boring as the girls were repeatedly asking what they are doing?... So they stood near the pool. Henna pushed Varun inside the pool but he was safe and to this Varun pushed Aarti and then Henna. Aarti was able to swim but Henna didn’t know so she started screeming HELP HELP. Varun jumped to save her. It was a nice scene as Henna was in the arms of Varun. It’s a sweet relation between them love hate relation- as both of them gave smart comment to each other.

Bianca and Vishal were talking and suddenly Vishal found that Shradha was feeling jealous. She came in front of Vishal and stood. Bianca found that she was interrupting so she left the pool. After that both of them talked. To Vishal, Shradha was true but only 70% rest 30% he need to know exactly what’s in her mind.

Chemistry starts between Bianca and Varun. They let to know each other; Bianca opened up and told him about her. It was a wonderful date for all 4 girls. Bianca was unable to stop her smile and moreover her face was glowing. When they reached Splitsvilla all the girls started teasing Bianca and Shradha. It was full of fun and excitement.

Eliminating round:
Aarti was dumped out of Splitsvilla as Varun found her too bore as she lacked kiddish nature and wildness was missing in her. To this decision all girls were not feeling good as they lost their good friend.

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