Come on girls wake up its competition time. The entry of Prianca though didn’t made all the girls surprised but they were angry and upset. As they didn’t accepted her to come as they are trying there level best to move forward and it is a minus point for the rest of the girl. Some girls were feeling that competition has started.

Bajatey Raho Session: Each girl need to write 4 girls name in which they feel that there is no eagerness for competition. The 4 girls names were selected :Minakshi, Yamini, Hoorzan, Annie.Rannvijay then said that out of the 4, 3 would be left after a small competition and one would be safe .

The next day they received a message from Rannvijay to join them at Agaustha Beach. When the girls reached there they found Rannvijay standing with both the boys. The view was awesome. The task was to be done by the 4girls who were in the dumping zone.

Hoorzan started as she was too slow she could just reach the half way. Yamini performed good as she reached she was thrilled and hugged both the boys. Annie firstly was unable to attain concentration but as she obtained the grip she climbed very well. Best performer just like a spider-women. Minakshi gave a marvelous performance. She climbed like as she is a lizard so fast that both boys were shocked i “Dum hai Minakshi meh”. Lastly Minakshi was saved

Now for the rest 3 girls the competition starts they need to go for a date which was at splitsvilla itself. The girls had less time so they started getting ready. Today my God boys came to take her for a date. The date was not so exciting as before because Varun found Annie’s song quiet boring. While Annie was busy singing, Hoorzan started laughing. She was causing problem to both the girls as she didn’t performed or impressed the boys.

Elimination round: Someone need to go. So who’s the one. Hoorzan sited a poem for Varun as she felt something for him. In case of Vishal she said that she doesn’t knew whats going on in his mind. At this round the boys were quiet in an angry mood. Vishal was unable to control here anger as she found Hoorzan an arrogant girl, what for she laughs nobody knows and when she was sitting with both the girls her behavior was so stupid that he wanted to just let her out of splitsvilla. He even said that she need a physician who can help her out of this problem.

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