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Everybody loves a love story! We bet you do to! Especially ,when it's set in Goa and involves 2 boys and a girl. Oops...we mean 2 boys and 20 girls... Actually,2 greek gods and 20 naughty-sexy-bitchy girls!
SplitsVilla is a one-of-its kind hunt for love in the exotic locales of Goa. 2 stud boys find the ultimate girl of their dreams by choosing from 20 hot girls by putting them through grueling tests that push them to the brink! The girls battle stress, politics,exhaustion, fear and bitchtiness to be the chosen one and avoid the humiliation of getting dumped. All they have to aide them in their struggle is their wit,resitience,cunning, innovation and their love for the stud-muffins. Of course their love and chemistry crackles in a series of grand dates and edgy parties as the young lovelorn hotties turn up the heat to seduce the lucky buggers. A series of no-holds- barred eliminations lead us to the ultimate girl with the right mix of sexy-naughty-bitchy. And, if that sounds twisted enough- Watch out! There's even more-the war for love is here!

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