Bosky v/s Prianca Uncensored : MTV Splitsvilla Cat Fight(Splitsvilla Mahayudh)

Prianca has now completely distorted the image of Bosky in front of Varun and Vishal. Extra bold and bad habit of Bosky controlling and jumping into conversations and making fun and advantage of things...paid a lot to her impression.

Prianca made pieces of Bosky's body by saying that” you dont have enough substance to show ” .Really wrinkle on Bosky's face tells that.

Prianca said.."Really to me she looks like Mata Ji That’s why she commented shamefully on me. that’s why boys do not like her." I appreciate Prianca Sharma saying all that.that was a good lesson for tht self obsessed aunty.

Till date...this is the first time on MTV Splitsvilla...when sumone Bosky left her speechless..

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