How does it feel to be eliminated?

I couldn’t get a better elimination, being told that I’m very friendly with the other girls and that they know me better! At least proves that I didn’t need to pull the other girls down to glorify myself! Actually, in spite of being a very self confident person, I was more surprised at the length of time I stayed in Splitsvilla. I had absolutely no connection with either of the guys and didn’t try either. I was not on the verge of bashing up the other girls (verbally or otherwise) so I expected to go much earlier. I guess doing pretty well in the tasks and Bajaate Raho sessions saved me! So, I stayed on purely on my own strength wit dignity :) Sure, would have loved to experience more of this once in a lifetime experience! But, at this stage when the "LOVE"ly world there was getting bolder n brasher. It isn’t for me and I look back with a smile, but go with a smile as well :)

Reason for elimination?

For starters if Priyanca had agreed to my answer 'bhool bhullaiya' I probably wouldn’t have been in the dumping zone, but no hard feelings :) The main point was that I couldn’t see myself in love with either of the two guys and didn’t want to put on an act. I was being "real" on reality TV. To Varun n Vishal id say, I was pretty good in all tasks and bajaate raho sessions so I jus had one date. Obviously the girls would know me better and in any case between FAKE LOVE N TRUE FRIENDSHIP I’d choose the latter. Just like they are doing, instead of dumping each others favourite girls they are saving them.
and competing. The guys apparently want someone making special efforts??? Like butting in their private conversations and fighting for them but honestly do they really want a "GIRLFRIEND" like that!!!! Wonder how long the relationship would exist ;)

Your pick from the two boys?

Rannvijay :D oh, I thought it meant between Raghu and Rannvijay! Lol. As friends both Varun n Vishal are cool, but prospective boyfriend material??? Neither for me. Just for example, when Bosky had a conversation on Pranca's assets evryone pounced on her saying she's so cheap, no class etc but that conversation was happening between Bosky and the guys! What were they doing gossiping and laughing about it and that too on their date! Didn’t Vishal and Varun say they can’t stand girls disrespecting other girls when dumping Hoorzaan? Some chivalry!!! I mean the least I’d expect in my guy is for him to have a mind of his own and to stick to his beliefs. I understand they are playing a game but then don’t mix it with love. LOVE AIN’T A GAME. At least not for me.

Who has the best chance in the girls to win the boys?

When Raghu changed the deal to only one guy winning you’d expect the guys to compete and dump each others favourite girls. Then it would have been hard to predict but since they are saving each others favourite girls it’s pretty apparent that its either Shraddha or Heena.

Your friends in Splitsvilla?

When I first came in it was Vani and Richa but they were dumped on the second day itself! Funnily it was the two girls who came in much later, Ritu and Prianca who I bonded best wit! In fact, our room was tagged by the other girls as the entertainment zone. They are my two genuine friends coz they r genuine people

The girl you dint like at all?

No one really coz everyone’s face used to change everyday in front of the camera!
It was difficult to truly understand their personalities in reality but amazed at how some people just showed a different side in the dumping zone (Anubha and Shruti) and I guess, Heena was always aloof so didn’t gel up greatly.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?

Thoroughly a learnin one!!! It showed me how people "FAKE IT TILL U MAKE IT'.
I realized the extent ambition can push you to do things. It’s a matter of perspective, maybe nothing is right or wrong. Most of all I made good friends, had a ball staying away from friends and family for the first time and doing all things for myself (am a pampered child at home). I now respect all the people in the media fraternity even more, the MTV crew slogs to make these shows. Without doubt this is my favourite memory. The two R’s more than the two V’s.

Would you come back if given a chance?

As much as I loved the experience, NO. Unless the guys are different coz with Varun and Vishal there's no connection and I can’t fake it. I'll b out again. hahahaha....

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