Raghu sports a new hairdo…ehhh….ahem ahem…i m sorry…
Raghu’s wife doesn’t like him coz he likes swapping….
Raghu wanted to have aamir’s hairdo 5 yrs back…( the hairless strip..)…Raghu kept shouting….barber went berserk….

Q. Whats that Nature Baba has and Raghu doesn’t…?
A. Hair..??..nah…sense of humour…

Q. Whats that Akshaye Khanna has and Raghu doesn’t?
A. Wig ( did i spell that right? )

Q. Why are all the tasks performed by Raghu n Rannvijay beforehand..?
A. They want to check the worst and the worse performances…

Q. What if Raghu wasn’t a producer at MTV..?
A. He would play the devil in the advertisements for “ONIDA”

Q. What if Raghu turned a politician?
A. They the make him the speaker of the parliament…they both shout n no1 bothers to

Q. Whats that Adnan can afford to throw n Raghu cant..?
A. Weight.

Q. Why is Raghu not a cricket umpire?
A. Because he has a habit of switching players between teams, Raghu thinks he is out of this world. Everyone wishes he was As a kid, Raghu would always get beaten up in school

Q. What did Raghu’s wife tell him on a Sunday?
A. Tomorrow will be Monday, if it is alright with you

Q. You know what happened when Raghu was admitted in hospital?
A. The nurses sent him “Get Well Soon” cards

Q. Who is Raghu’s best friend?
A. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. Because Raghu said that it was an immunity task
If Raghu wasn’t producing Roadies, he would be an undertaker
He has no use for anyone living

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