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I felt relief after elimination. It was my plan my, strategy to get eliminated. I convinced all the girls to vote against me because I was there only for face value and publicity and my funda was clear from the beginning only. I planned to attract the camera in my first week at Splitsvilla. In my second week I made my plan how to convince others to vote me out. I never came here to win because my race is somewhere else and that is only and only Bollywood. I am happy because according to my planning i was always in controversy either positive or negative. i wanted fame and camera attention and i was the lucky one to get it as i have always said camera follows glamour and glamour is Minakshi. Best part about me is people criticized me but i never uttered single bad word for them because I’m confident about my personality and their comments doesn’t matter to me because poor people doesn’t know i was never having competition with them because i believe in fighting with competitors and they were not. They stand no chance in front of me. I was focused and i achieved whatever i wanted. I even planed how to get eliminated and for that i convinced girls. After that i raised Vishal's topic any i fought with Vishal. I wanted justice for any and freedom for me. I knew that after fighting with Vishal definitely he will hate me and dump me. So he said Minakshi you are entertaining but i can’t see u as my girlfriend reason was clear. I didn’t like both of them because my taste is different. None of them were my type. I am creative person and they can’t understand even c of creativity. My choice of the winner would be Annie but she is already dumped. My friends were either all or no one. I just believe in improving my self i don’t have space for hate. Experience was like I’m forced to see serial saas bahu type and i hate those serials. I would to love to work for MTV.

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