Rannvijay and the girls assemble in the lounge - it's time for the boys to pick team captains and the girls to go on the test for intelligence. Varun picks Bianca and Vishal picks Prianca and the girls play the game, clue by clue. The winners of Pleasure Hunt - Bianca, Bosky and Shraddha get a date with the boys while the losers Prianca, Hannah, Ritu and Yamini resort to bitching. Schmeh...!!!

At the date Varun and Bianca get naughty, Vishal and Shraddha get cosy and Bosky frets and fumes. Poor little ignored babe. At the date, it's confession time with Hannah, Ritu, Prianca, Yamini and Heena. The final tally - It's time for Hannah Sim and Yamini Batra to GO.

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