MTV Splitsvilla (Strip 6) 12 July Episode 6 Summary

The temprature in Splitsvilla hits an all time high - Rannvijay puts the girls on to a 'strings and white' photo shoot by the beach. The hunky Varun and Vishal saunter into the villa to enchant Heena and Prianca, leaving Sharddha heartbroken. The morning after - pretty pictures are left to test. At Rannvijay's "Bajate raho " session, Ritu's picture dons the mask; the girls vote it the worst photograph. When the guys put the pictures under the scanner, Yamini and Minakshi make it to the dumping zone! The Vodafone 2nd Chance, sends the three girls on a date with the guys to a spa. While, Ritu and Vishal kiss goodbye, Varun take walk with Minakshi and Yamini. A hung jury leaves the girls to vote Minakshi OUT. The sex siren leaves with a SHAYARI.

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