1. Oh! You get to win the show. A sure way to success, fame and a probable career in modelling.

2. You get to stay in a five-star hotel in one of the most exotic locations of India for almost a month. Wow! From Chaul to a 5-star. Surely, You don’t want to miss out on this!

3. For over a month you will be fighting for two boys, but in reality you don’t need the boys, you need the cash!

4. If you think you are beautiful, and others have commented in the past that you are not, then Splitsvilla is the right place for you! How come others decide your fate? After all, you know who you are!

5. You surely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity of hosting a show on MTV with either of the two boys you fought for. Vjeeying, even if you don’t like it, but that will help you in becoming famous!

6. You should be ready for flirting, and roaming around in Bikinis on National Television. This is the bare minimum qualification required. Above this is your bonus point.

7. You should be Sexy, Naughty, and…ofcourse bitchy. How would you otherwise manage to win the competition. Netagiri rules!

In short, if you are ambitous and want to make it big in the glamour industry, Splitsvilla is the right platform for you. So hurry up, entries closing!

PS: I missed out on a 8th reason, you get to spend some time with Rannvijay too. Even if you are ugly, you can make it to Splitsvilla. It’s quiet easy!

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