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MTV Splitsvilla 30th August Episode 13 : Latest Images

MTV Splitsvilla
Varun Saini : Well Played

MTV Splitsvilla
Shraddha Haribhai : Varun Or Vishal ???

MTV Splitsvilla
Vishal Karwal : Telling His Game Plan

MTV Splitsvilla
Rannvijay Singh : Cool Man

MTV Splitsvilla
Varun Saini : In Trouble With Shraddha

MTV Splitsvilla
Shraddha Haribhai : Quite Confused

MTV Splitsvilla
Rannvijay Singh : Watching Vishal's Performance

MTV Splitsvilla
Rannvijay Singh : Bajate Raho Session With Varun & Vishal

MTV Splitsvilla
Varun Saini : Remember Your School Days

MTV Splitsvilla
Vishal Karwal : No Faith...

MTV Splitsvilla
Varun Saini : Good Dancer, But LOST...


20 Girls, 2 Boys, ?? Viewers

Earlier, the RBG Finale task was to name all 20 girls.

It was rejected cuz even the MTV team couldn't perform it.

BosKkKy stIlLL is A SuckxxXsxsxxsssxx!!!

O did you hear, Vishal is going to be a VJ?


Q: What was the ugliest thing on Splitsvilla?

A: Rannvijay's fashion

Q: What was the best part of Splitsvilla?

A: The over-repeated ads for Wildstone Deos n' Perfumes during the commercial break

Q: Did you know that there are two kind of people on Earth?


Rannvijay is so overworked that he mumbles "Love is war when the game goes international" in his sleep.

O did you hear, Shraddha is going to be a VJ?


Did you know that, if you type 'Prianca Sharma' under Google Image Search then you'll have a good time soon afterwards?

Varun is useless again. Well... he always was but still..

Q: What was the biggest shocker on Splitsvilla?

A: That the girls on the show were NOT the ones shown in the promos.

Wanna prepare yourselves for the torture awaiting you in the Roadies 6 auditions?

Watch Splitsvilla repeats, all week on MTV!

MTV Splitsvilla Episode 13 : 30th August : Grand Finale

In today's episode Vishal beat Varun(BY HOOK OR BY CROOK) in 2 different compitition, anyways Vishal & Shraddha wins MTV SPLITSVILLA and they will host a show on MTV in near future.

But one thing I must tell you guys Varun is good in all compititions and he is very straight forward guy. Really like his SPORTING SPIRIT.

Hats off to MTV, Varun Saini, Vishal Karwal, Shraddha Haribhai and other girls and technicians for such a nice REALITY SHOW.

We will wait for next season on MTV.


I am talkin' about Mtv SplitsVilla, today I gone thru the Finale of the show, & There were two competitions in between Varun & Vishal.

Under first competition they 've to give a life performance & 5minutes 're given to perform & 3minutes to collect beads from the crowd.
Varun literally followed the rules, but when it was Vishals' turn, he started collectin' the beads in between of his performance time, & afterwards only a single minute is alloted to him, to collect the beads.
But is it fair to compensate bead collection, by deductin' 2minutes, from the collectin' time from 5minutes. In this way Vishal got 6minutes(Over all) to collect the beads.

Second competition was the I.Q. Test, under which Vishal press the Buzzer & think for the answer, & then answers. & ther was no time boundation in that. Which directly affects Varuns' performance, & make him to lose.
You must 've some time limit to answer the question, & that too for a short span. (Such as 3sec.s to answer)

I don't think that its' Fair enough.

MTV Splitsvilla All Dumped Girls From Start To End

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 1 : 7th June : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Akansha Kanjilal

MTV Splitsvilla
Kanika Narbar

MTV Splitsvilla
Richa Singh

MTV Splitsvilla
Sneh Richa

MTV Splitsvilla
Vani Sharma

MTV Splitsvilla
Simran Dhawan

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 2 : 14th June : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Aarti Thaoker

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 3 : 21st June : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Hoorzan Irani

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 4 : 28th June : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Annie Krislinzki

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 5 : 5th July : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Anubha Agarwal

MTV Splitsvilla
Shruti Rawat

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 6 : 12th July : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Minakshi Khanduri

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 7 : 19th July : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Annie Krislinzki

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 8 : 26th July : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Hannah Sim

MTV Splitsvilla
Yamini Batra

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 9 : 2nd August : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Bosky Bhatia

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 10 : 9th August : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Bianca Mendonca

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 11 : 16th August : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Ritu Kochhar

MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 12 : 23rd August : Dumped Girls

MTV Splitsvilla
Heena Pardasani

MTV Splitsvilla
Prianca Sharma

MTV Splitsvilla 30th August Episode 13 : Grand Finale Episode





MTV Splitsvilla 23rd August : Episode 12 : Latest Images

It's time for more love and war as the girls line-up in Splitsvilla

Priyanca spends her half hour with Varun

While, Vishal chats up Heena

Priyanca also tries her luck with Vishal

While, Shradha certainly needs no luck;)

The guys get ready to pick the winner

And, the girls squirm in anticipation

The winner Shradha between the other finalists

How does it feel to be eliminated?

Well nobody likes to lose hence naturally I am a little disappointed...but if I think about d larger picture then I guess m glad that i got out coz i didn’t feel any kinda connection with either of d boys...I was trying really hard throughout d show to find some damn similarity or something to attract me to them but it was all in vain...I guess I have gained as much as I could from d show n i have absolutely no regrets.

Reason for elimination?

I wish i knew why Varun wrote Shradha's name instead of Heena.... According to d circumstances it was obvious on Varun's part to put Heena in d safe zone which would have led to me winning d show according to d twist...but i really don’t know why he chose Shradha who he knew will never ever choose him in d…

I guess he just started thinking too much bout d game n lost out on simple was a big shock to not only me but everyone on d show that how could Varun choose Shradha knowing that she will never let him win n specially considering d fact that Varun was merely there to win d game.

Your pick from the two boys? Any special comments for either of them?

Well i honestly didn’t connect with either of the boys on any level... Varun was d kinda guy who I would like to b friends with...I can never imagine him as d man in my life...he is fun to b with...quite witty n I liked his over d top attitude but all that is gud enough for a friend for me...

When it comes to Vishal.....what can I say...he really amazes me with every episode. I guess he was one of d most clever person on d show... at least Varun was transparent n didn’t pretend anything... he accepted from day one that he was there to win d show...I appreciated his honesty..Rather than Vishal was acting through out d damn show...if anyone who was pretending n faking it then it was Vishal… he faked more than any girl....he played in such a way that he wins n gets out with a goody two shoe kinda image.

He was d most manipulative over there...all he did was use n manipulate d girl n situations according to him. He faked it so well with Ritu...even I thought that he liked Ritu n felt something for her but man o man....he is GOD when it comes to faking it...

Must say wt a brilliant actor..

I can never imagine myself with a guy like Vishal....he can not speak to save his life...his heavy Punjabi accent is such a put top it all his lack of general knowledge n communication skills...gosh I thought he would b able to hold up a conversation since he was a pilot but I wonder hw much of that is true...i didn’t feel any connection with any of d boys as I can not imagine myself endlessly talking to either of them.

For me its d utter most important quality in a man to b able to speak well n some kinda wisdom....n as it is evident that was one thing lacking in both of them. Varun is a great guy to hang out with n b friends with but I can’t even b friends with a hypocrite like Vishal.

Your friends in Splitsvilla?

Without a doubt it has to b Hannah n Ritu...not forgetting Yamini… Yamini n I became friends towards d later half of d show....she was d little kid on d show who had all d energy in d world to speak non-stop... she added d innocence factor to d show...I think she is very naive n d kinda person who is very gullible...its surprising how our opinion bout each other changed drastically once we started interacting… Hannah n I had developed a friendship even before d show began during d auditions...when I met hr for d first time I knew that I will get along well with her...she is a sweetheart n one of d prettiest looking girls on d show... at a young age she is so focused n intelligent that she amazes me. When it comes to Ritu words won’t do justice to what I share with her… I have never shared this kinda friendship with anyone in past 22yrs of my life... for me she was d only saving grace in Splitsvilla... after Hannah left we both were each other’s backbone.. it was quite a task to survive around so much negativity... after Ritu left I completely lost it... I couldn’t even breathe in that kinda environment. it was more like a boot camp for me....I just wanted to run away with But on a serious note I have found two of d most special friends in Splitsvilla...

The girl you dint like at all?

Hmmm....I can answer that in a jiffy...hands down d title goes to BOXY....oooops I mean… she is d most ill mannered, brash, indecent girl I have ever come across.

I have absolutely no regrets for beating d shit outta her...coz she deserved every bit of it...if fighting for your dignity n self respect means being ruthless with a girl like her then I will do it again at any given point of time. She didn’t have anything in her to grab attention hence she used to use my name n bitch bout me to b in d spotlight. She is d kinda person that I loathe.....I couldn’t stand hr even for a damn minute...her scary laughter was so annoying. It still haunts me.....she has no etiquettes n social manners....

she need to go to a finishing school n learn some basics about living in a society n she needs to grow.....literally from… don’t know bout myself but she surely needs to get silicon to gain some kinda attention on hr own... forget her behaviour she didn’t even know how to speak properly.. All that came outta hr mouth was foul word n cuss language. I guess no matter how much I write bout hr it won’t b enough..... she was d only girl that I hated on d I didn’t have any major reason to dislike.....a lil bit of friction was there but I guess it was all in good spirit.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?

wwwwwooooooofffff!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a heck of a was d toughest for me I guess coz as its evident not many girls were fond of me there hence it was a question of survival for every single day. I guess all d girls just formed an opinion about me based on my persona n even I didn’t go outta my way to clear their misconception..... d girls who I got to know personally became friends with including Yamini who as everyone else has a wrong perception about me but then later on became good friends with me. as spoken by a lot of the girls about being manipulative all I have to say is that I really wish I was manipulative then at least I would have manipulated everyone in my favour n become friends with all..... I did anything but manipulate d circumstances..... I really didn’t give a damn bout anyone’s opinion hence I ended up being titled with wonderful titles....

It still doesn’t bother me but it’s kinda funny how these girls have their facts n diction wrong....

again as popularly known for playing games....d only two times I played game n schemed was 1 to save Yamini from getting dumped hence I asked her to bitch about me n become friends with Bosky...n 2nd when I threatened Varun not to dump Ritu.....both d times it was to safeguard my friends not for myself.... my experience in Splitsvilla has taught me a lot n surely made me more stronger...I have learnt hw to deal with people with diff backgrounds n survive under d same roof..... No matter how many difficulties I faced whether is was about fighting for my self respect or my friendship.....I enjoyed every bit of my journey.

Would you come back if given a chance?

Definitely yes but this time I would like to play differently n live up to d titles I was endowed with.

MTV Splitsvilla 23rd August Episode 12 : Shraddha Is Queen Of Splitsvilla

Today, 23rd August, Episode 12, we saw winner of MTV Splitsvilla in GREAT manner. Yes, you are right, as early expected Shraddha will win MTV Splitsvilla, and now she is the WINNER or you can say or Rannvijay told SHRADDHA "QUEEN OF SPLITSVILLA".

But we will see OUR WINNING COUPLE on next week, 30th August, Episode 13, GRAND FINALE of MTV SPLITSVILLA. Because LOTS OF people think Splitsvilla is not good for girls, its CHEAP, "its so humiliating....and upsetting...i mean jaise woh ladke dump karte hai. any girl can be a victim of depression"...

But NOW, Shraddha is only girl in Splitsvilla and Rannvijay gives power to choose a boy for coming MTV SHOW.


So get ready for


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