How does it feel to be eliminated?
Well…I don’t like this question…honestly I hated being eliminated I hated it…. I wanted to be there till the end…I know I was expected to as well. I hated it. I hate having to answer this. Anyway. Well I guess u didn’t like the hint…I didn’t like being eliminated…it should have been Prianca…. It was supposed to be prianca…but somehow it didn’t come as too much of a shock either…my intuition is always right…and somehow when I was packing my bags that night there was this gut feeling inside of me telling me to expect the worst and that something bad was gonna happen…So don’t think too much and just take whteva happens…so I packed every single thing I had. Cos something inside me was scared and a part of me expected it…but I didn’t show it… Cos I knew if I did it wud make heena sad… And I couldn’t see her sad… We were each other’s backbone in the villa…so with all my strength I kept cool because of her…

Reason for elimination?
Haha….Funny…slap in the face…did u see him…did u hear him….he didn’t have a reason….OMG! How could he have behaved that way… My infamous tongue got tied and I was at a loss for words. Varun Saini!!! U don’t have a reason???? WTF!!!!!!! I mean seriously, even right now thinking about it… What a bloody a** hole. How can u not gimme a reason after everything? I mean…??? Ugh!!!! And I am so glad, so so glad and thankful to Ranvijay and all the girls for taking my side and questioning him for me. Especiallly since I couldn’t talk anymore and didn’t wanna look at his face… But goddamnit, I wasn’t gonna leave without a reason…. I deserved it and demanded it.

And everybody knew, everyone one was aware of the times Varun and I shared together and our chemistry. So I was touched and glad when Ranvijay and the girls took over and told him to say something and not let me leave without giving some kind of justification for what he was doing.

When he finally said that he liked Heena and I was a distraction…I was relieved ‘cos I felt like that was good enuf… Cos I always knew that he liked Heena from the beginning… his affection for Heena was very cute… I always told Heena that Varun is crazy about u… He has these high school puppy dog crushes on u… And I can see it in his eyes when he looks at u. It’s damn cute and I was cool with it. So ya, when he finally did give me that reason I did feel a li’l better and I was glad it was cos of Heena. And since it was, he better make her win…he better!!!!

Pick from the two guys!!!!
The first time I met both of the guys I liked Vishal. I thought he was hot. I had seen Varun on Roadies and always thought of him as this cocky guy with too much attitude and that impression stayed even after the first impression. But whether I wanted to get romantically involved with either of them, that I wasn’t too sure of. It was only after my first date with the guys did I make the decision that I liked Varun. Towards the end of our date Varun and myself just happened to share some alone time with each other and we shared a moment which was very magical and surreal in a way. We were just conversing and getting to know each other but we were so engrossed in our convo that we totally forgot about the cameras and everybody else around us. It was as if it was only just the two of us… So when Hannah suddenly interrupted us we were brought back to earth and realized where we were…. So yeah, I guess that’s how it all started.

Vishal is a darling… He’s a cutie, he’s a buddy. I always felt very protected when I was around him. And I still do. He’s like a big bro with a metal armour and sword and words of wisdom who’ll protect u against the evils of the world. He and I didn’t have to talk too much or pretend. From the beginning there was comfort level between us that was very mutual and real and I loved hanging out with him. We had a lot in common but he was my buddy.

So basically I had a romantic connection with Varun and a very buddy-buddy connection with Vishal. But if I was there till the end, I cannot guarantee that I would have chosen Varun. I honestly don’t know who I would have chosen - my choice wud not have depended on my feelings for either of the 2 guys but on who I felt was more deserving of the title.

But I guess that’s irrelevant now.

Who has the best chance in the girls to win the guys?
Hmmm…well honestly Shraddu and Vishal belong together. So they should end up together irrespective of this show.

But as selfish as this sounds, I’d obviously want Heena to win… And Varun being the rascal and game player that he is should do his best to make her win. I love Heena and I want her to win.

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
Heena, Heena, Heena. I love her. She was my best friend in Splitsvilla and we were each other’s backbone. I could not have survived the house without her. I’m not the type that bitches or gets involved too much and with so much going on constantly we’d tell each other everything and we knew everything bout each other in the house. A bond like that neva goes away. Even everything that happened on both our dates we told each other, even though we were both fighting for the same man. We kept our competition healthy and it didn’t come in the way. So Varun, all those things u told Heena on ur dates and u told her not to tell anyone, honey, she told me! I knew everything! Haha. In ur face, u crazy kid. Heena and I were tight. I think some people even thought we were lesbians. Haha! Hilarious. But just to clarify- we love men. Yup, we do.

From the rest of the girls I liked ‘em all. Didn’t get too close to anybody else. Towards the end I grew fond of Shraddu and Bosky as well. I used to hang out with everyone. It’s what I miss most. Wheneva I was bored, I’d just go to any of the rooms and plomp myself on the bed and someone would play with my hair and somebody else wud gimme a massage or something. It was fun - the happenings in the rooms downstairs and it was entertainment, and I’d get pampered too. So good bargain na? Was fun.

I was very fond of Hoorzan as well. When we moved into Splitsvilla I knew I had to have Heena and Hoorzan as my roommates. I got along with both of them instantly form the beginning. I liked Minakshi also - not in the beginning but later I grew to respect her for the person she was and cos she was always herself. I hope she always stays that way.

The girl I didn’t like at all?
That girl with the long hair who got dumped on the first day itself. I don’t even remember her name. She stole my facewash!!! I didn’t like her…haha! Na, kidding.

I didn’t rally have any personal grudges against anyone in the house… Barring Heena I dint really trust anyone that’s for sure, but I had no issues…

Ppl I dint really care too much for though would probably be Yamini and Prianca. Yamini was always talking too much where she didn’t need to and her li’l sympathy cries would get really tiring. Prianca was just plain evil. Der were moments in the beginning when I thought u know, maybe we’re all wrong and her looks are deceptive, but believe me she’s as bad as it gets. Her mind is so manipulative it’s crazy. (But yeah, I will take this opportunity to add that at the dumping ground when she told me she was gonna miss me I knew she meant it and I sincerely appreciated that.)

Shradda? Well, I was confused about her till d end. I did grow very fond of her at the end but I could neva figure out what she was about for some weird reason. I did know that she was crazy about Vishal though and that was genuine.

Bosky? Hmmm. Man, that girl is loud. Didn’t like her on the first day but grew really fond of her later. I didn’t trust her but she was one cool chick. Loads of fun to hang out with and could crack me up at any time. Taught me a lot…A LOT!!! My ass was her property, haha!

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
It was one of the best experiences eva. Once in a life time u get to go thru things like this and truly cherished it. I loved it I loved it I loved it. We were so well taken care of. Even though the crew was male dominated we neva felt weird with any of them.

They were all taking care of our every need and we had to want for anything. I felt like a baby that everyone was fond of. Splitsvilla was an amazing experience and it felt like home. It took a day to get used to cameras being on us all the time but later the camera was like our best friend and we loved it. Even with all the girls it felt like we had always been der and we’ve always known each other. We were all very comfortable. It was very exciting wakin up everyday not knowin wht was gonna happen next. new challenges all the time. Sure there were times when we missed our families and we got so bored cos we were in isolation with no entertainment. But den we later became our own entertainment. Splitsvilla was awesome. I’ll neva regret anything I eva did ther.

Everythin I did at spltsvilla was real. I neva pretended I enjoyed and loved every moment I spent der. I’ll neva have enuf of words to express my love for the entire rollercoaster. I neva thought in my wildest dreams that I would actually make friends out der. I mean considering the person I am and living with 20 girls under one roof initially sounded really scary to me. But it turned out to be a breeze cos everyone felt the same way. So we all dealt with it and now I’ve walked out with many friends and I love it.

Would u come back if given a chance?
Of course I would come back. I’d love to go thru that whole experience all over again and I wouldn’t change a thing. (Well of course I’d change the fact that I don’t get dumped and am der till the end) but otherwise I have no regrets. I’d love to come back and help the winner make her decision. I’d love to, I’d love to…

But otherwise no regrets…
Varun, I don’t think I’d eva date u in real life but since we had no choice in the show, u were my choice and I don’t hate u for dumping me. In fact I choose to rmbr the good moments we shared together and I cherish them. But u shouldn’t have let me go man. I was one of ur fav’s and u shud have kept me on for longer. Alas, we’ll stay friends but honey, my advice to u is to grow up a bit. I know u hate me calling u a kid but give the cockiness a break. It’ll help u get more lovable than u already are. N I still love ur pink lips!

Vishal, my buddy, my protector, my saviour! We have a bond that’ll neva go away. Big hug, honey!!! Take Shraddy and make her happy. U’ll belong together. Ur cuties.

Heena - no one can tear us apart, no matter how hard they try. Ill always curse u for not letting me sleep. and I’ll always love u for being my shoulder to lean on…

Bosky, u rock girl. I know Splitsvilla has sobered u down but that’s not a bad thing. Ur gonna get a whole bunch of fans after this and ur gonna go take this world by storm. I’ll foreva be grateful for all uv taught me and all our bathroom moments!

Shraddha, take Vishal. Love him, take care of him and treat him well. U’ve got amazing hands. Use em well. (Did u know this girl can give the best massages?)

Hannah, keep that waist trim. U’ve got the best abs I’ve eva seen on a woman. And I know how u eat! Stay away from the sugar frees..

Prianca, I don’t know much about what ur about neither am I too concerned, but don’t play around too much with the world. One day it’ll hit u back in the face so bad you won’t know when it’s coming. N no, to clarify—I don’t think they’re fake!!! Hahaa!

YAMINI!!! Get a bloody life.

Minakshi, u r an amazing woman. Neva change. I have a lot of respect for u.

Hoorzan, kabhi to chup raho!!! Haha. My Hindi still sucks. Urs was always way better. I always loved ur metaphors. ur too cute, honey.

Cant think of anything more to write about the girls.

Rannvijay, u rascal…! OMG, u r such a rascal.

RaghhhhUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! I love ya. U r such a sweetheart!!! i have the utmost amount of respect for u. I salute thee.

To all the crew of MTV Splitsvilla - I’ll forever cherish every moment I spent der and I’ll have a special place in my heart for each and ever single one of u. Your show and who we are on the show wud have been nothing without u and we could not have done it without u. I have neva seen a team that worked so hard and put in so much effort and heart into what they do. U’ll rock. The show is wht it is becos of u.

To all our fans, I appreciate all the feedback u’ll give us. Plz keep watchin the show. don’t forget us once it’s over. I hope I have left a place in your hearts and I hope to see you all again very soon.

With all my love


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