How does it feel to be eliminated?
Jo hota hai, achhe ke liye hota hai... It was the best time for me to get out of Splitsvilla because I was the last girl left who didn’t have any lovey-dovey connection with either of the boys. So now on, the remaining girls are gonna get heart broken one after the other and get dumped. I did as much as I wanted to and got out when I wanted without letting anyone insult me or giving anyone a chance to say that I was not worth being a part of Splitsvilla, so I have no regrets.

Reason for elimination?
Well, there was no specific reason for my elimination. Out of the three girls from the dumping zone, out of both the boys, only varun had to write two names as his team won the last competition. He wrote Shraddhu and my name. Then the decision went to the girls. As I was unwell and pushed myself to the limit, i realized that this was it for me. Given a choice between Shraddha and me, hands down Shraddha deserves to stay. I was only hoping the girls got my message to vote me out. And they did. This was probably the first time I was happy that my girls wrote my name. By the way Prianca did take me by surprise by not writing my name. Whatever!

Your pick from the two boys?
Hahaha can I be honest?? None. Before entering Splitsvilla, I didn’t even know who these boys were. All I heard was that they're ex roadies!!! Hello??? Roadies has had so many seasons now, I barely even remember the winners. Oh! Did Varun or Vishal win any roadies?? ehhhm.. Lol. Varun is an A$$ but a chilled out, no hang ups, mind your own business guy. Vishal - Aww, only if Shradhu didn’t like him, I would have pataoed him big time. He's a perfect guy for a serious long term relationship. And now is one of my closest buddies. Balle Balle.. Mwahhh..

But on a second thought, my pick out of the boys would definitely be RANNVIJAY..... Yummy!!!

Who has the best chance in the girls to win the boys?
Splitsvilla is a reality dating show where people are looking for true love, "TRUE LOVE". The only person in and around Splitsvilla who is 100% here for love is none other than SHRADDHA. I’m not saying this cuz she was my closest in the house but I’m saying cuz I was closest to her and I know her inner feelings were true and pure that everybody turned around saying "she's faking it". Girls -- None of US have the rights to say she's faking it cuz we all faked everything including our fake feelings. Bianca - What are you doing?? Really think Varun is even worth getting cozy with?? Don’t get used. Heena - All the Best.

Ritu - your boyfriend is waiting back home for you. Prianca - you'll never win, your man and dog can’t wait to see you. Don’t waste your time!!!

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
Friends!!! In the beginning, it was very hard to decide on whom to trust and whom not to. I did get back stabbed and emotionally blackmailed by the girls in the first couple of days itself. Then I decided to play a very neutral game. Not too good to anyone but could get too bad when I lose my patience. I was in talking terms with everyone, but never got too close and personal with anyone except Shraddha. She was my soul mate in the house. I simply love her. We both are opposites but very similar from within. And the main thing that kept us united until the end was our belief in God. Other than her, I’m going to be in touch with Bianca, Heena, Arti, Hoorzan, Annie, Minakshi, Anubha and Shruti.

The girl you dint like at all?
Now this is easy!!

The first girl I disliked in Splitsvilla was Yamini. She plays very innocent to get her way out but once u give in, she'll snap back like a crocodile. Why crocodile?? Cuz Crocodile tears come naturally to her. Heehee!!! She's the typical Saas Bahu drama - "idhar ka udhar" types Yamini, u were right - your looks are very deceptive and as u call yourself the soft target, well that’s because there's not much you do except crying, sulking, complaining and blaming. So stop using your innocent looks to cover up. Don’t abuse the boys for ignoring you at a date when YOU came to win the game to be a VJ and not for love. Next time, don’t enter the ocean if u cant swim or else you'll blame the waves for taking you for granted. Sighhh.

Ritu and Hannah - very easy to dominate & take for a ride. Please stand up as individuals.

Reason why I don’t like you'll?? Cuz of your company.

Last and final person I don’t like, can’t stand, hate, etc is Prianca. Honestly, Splitsvilla was very boring and dull without her. I used to get this kind of sadistic pleasure by messing around with her cuz I could see her getting affected and I loved the fact that she found competition in me. I enjoyed instigating her at the dumping ground cuz that was one place the boys could see her in her true elements. I don’t even feel like talking about her and giving her importance. I guess I need not say more. This is something that I believe that all the Splitsvilla viewers know how much I LOVE to HATE her..

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
The craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life now is - SPLITSVILLA. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, meeting Raghu and being a part of his game plan, living with 20 GIRLS.

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