I am talkin' about Mtv SplitsVilla, today I gone thru the Finale of the show, & There were two competitions in between Varun & Vishal.

Under first competition they 've to give a life performance & 5minutes 're given to perform & 3minutes to collect beads from the crowd.
Varun literally followed the rules, but when it was Vishals' turn, he started collectin' the beads in between of his performance time, & afterwards only a single minute is alloted to him, to collect the beads.
But is it fair to compensate bead collection, by deductin' 2minutes, from the collectin' time from 5minutes. In this way Vishal got 6minutes(Over all) to collect the beads.

Second competition was the I.Q. Test, under which Vishal press the Buzzer & think for the answer, & then answers. & ther was no time boundation in that. Which directly affects Varuns' performance, & make him to lose.
You must 've some time limit to answer the question, & that too for a short span. (Such as 3sec.s to answer)

I don't think that its' Fair enough.

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