All are saying Varun is dumb, lets see whether he really is, or whether YOU ARE DUMB for thinking he is.
On the last voting grounds we had Varun at a disadvantage as he had an undue advantage in the previous episode against Vishal where he not-so-wisely kicked out Bosky.

For reasons outside his control, he had the following chics on the dumping zone:

Bianca, Heena, Prianca

If you were Varun, I know what you would have done, be an emotional fool and try to save Bianca and Heena, his primary girls.

But do you know what would have happened then?

Varun gives Prianca's name
Vishal gives Bianca's name

Now since one has to leave, the vote out will go into the hands of the LADIEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ

Heena will vote out Prianca (She is a dumbo and wud try to save her friend Bianca)
Ritu will vote out Bianca (Prianca is her friend and will try to save her)
Shraddha will vote out Bianca (Not coz she wants Prianca to stay but she will support Vishal's decision)

Anyway he would have lost Bianca.

Now by naming Biance himself, see what all he gained.

1. Heena's favor. He openly agreed that he hopelessly likes Heena and that will affect her going forward. He lied. He chose Bianca's name as he knew Vishal would also vote her out. Moreover you would have seen a competition crop between Heena and Bianca this timein SCREW YOU Quiz. He surely noted. So Heena is breathing easy. Yeah she cried! so what, every girl cries whether reqd or not.

2. Prianca now feels Varun plays from his brains, and knows for sure that he lied about Heena being the ONE for him. She will be thinking, "If he can chuck out Bianca from the game, why wouldn't he do the same to Heena, if I can make him win?" Vishal would not do the same if Ritu or Shraddha is on the line. So now Priance will be more on Varun's side than Vishal's

3. This one is the second best reasons for doing so. Now Vishal thinks Varun made a foolish step and is at a disadvantage. A clever warrior makes his enemy feel that he is weak. And strikes when the defenses are all down.

4. This is the ULTIMATE advantage. Since Heena is left alone for Varun, all the attention gets diverted away from her. Shraddha, Ritu, and Prianca knows that they are up for Vishal. This will lead to lotta competition against themselves as Ritu and Prianca will feel unsafe against Shraddha and will try to get her out.

Bitch master stands up amd salutes Varun's move as he made the best possible situation out of worst. Though heart says that Vishal and Shraddha should win the love, brain says that Varun should win the war

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