How does it feel be eliminated?

Well, it doesn’t feel good to be eliminated when you are so close to being the winner… For the fact that I really deserved it much better than those dumb chicks Shraddha n Heena. I don’t even know what Varun found in Heena apart from her height bcoz Yamini was right when she spoke about her brains!!! And Shraddha??? Let’s not even waste time talking about her.

Your pick from the two boys?
According to their so called "friends", I wasn’t in luv wid Vishal!! How can u fall in luv with sumone when u don’t even know if he was for real!! And in half an hour they decided who luvs whom when we were trying 2 figure it out since weeks. May be they should be the next "LOVEGURUS".
HAHAHA!! LOL. Im fallin off my chair ryte now!!! Talk about picking one of those guys… I actually found the crew better any day.
VARUN- he should probably be a gigolo, I think he'll perform better there!! He thinks he is 2 sexy for his shirt!! He can continue thinking that!
VISHAL- check out da way he pronounces "wildernest"! U possibly cant b seeing sumone like that!! He is f***in’ confused and he tries to portray that he is person wid a golden heart, but dats jus 2 create sum sympathy... I really hope it works 4 him. N da way I’m, I can never go out wid sumbody like him.
Who has the best chance in the girls to win the boys?

Prianca any day!!

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
Hannah and Prianca were my roommates. N hannah was more like my teacher bcoz I was so lost n she would give me advices 4 da show. I can’t 4get dat we used 2 find sum godforsaken Hindi number n keep singing. We sure were "bathroom singers", according 2 me she was da prettiest among all da women. She added all the glitz n glamour in our "room".
Pri is wat I call her. I had a gr8 connection wid her. We survived on each other’s shoulders 4 days. One thing is 4 sure she is "my friend 4 life". For me Splitsvilla has been search 4 friendship bcoz of her. Luv you, muaahhh!!!

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
I’m glad I took part in da show in spite of contemplating a lot. Had a gr8 time. It was a rollercoaster ride.. Da show always kept me on my toes.. Ideas r nobody's property but they belong 2 anybody who could tell them da best!! And yes I’m talking about Raghu. The twists n turns in da show were so worth it 2 stay.

Would you come back if given a chance?
I will return 2 Splitsvilla but this time the tables should b turned around. One place, 2 galz n 20 boyz, can I choose da place??? Bali maybe???

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