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It started with the start n the guy Meherzan has to go out coz of the circumstances which were not in his hand but good he went out before anyone blame him for contributing in making todays episode a boring that he always have done earlier.

And then came our BAJATE RAHO thing, which was indeed the only good thing about the show n kisi tarah Splitsvilla 2 ki bajane se usne bachcha rakhi hai. So here the thing was u have to vote a girl out on the basis of the least sex appeal and deserving Stuti went out instead of another deserving participant who surprisingly din get the votes against her, Ritika.

Ok so ab jab sab kuch ho gaya then they came to Villa famous for its WAR games which unsuccessfully MTV tried to hide by inserting love in the tag line but that din help much.

So there were some fights n little bit tensions then tension then lot of tensions and then hypertension (its a scientific word but still its my post ...ukhadlo jo ukhadna hai) which lead to fight in the evening with Ritika telling a girl that she will throw her into the water...oh god how much i wished it should happen but the thing was confined to just pushing or maybe 1-2 slaps that Cheshtha got(POOR GIRL) and then came Angry Cool Dude Nikhil Chinappa(well like everyone said yaar he is the only good thing about the show) and he threatened all of them that if something like this will happen again they will be thrown out and that too with their baggage but something bad still happened and sex appeal comp got canceled and Ritika and Cheshtha came into dumping zone and stuti was safe.

And then came the next day with everyone getting up n without even brushing their teeth ate Love Bites Candies and then came the surprise moment of the day(not us coz we already saw this in sneak peak but for them) n that was, Bhavaman came back to the show.

Now, for next year's MTV reality shows cheat code this is my contribution.... to be in a show till long....... do something interesting in first episodes and then get voted out(agar koi vote nahin kar raha then swear at everyone so that they will vote out).

Now then came the vote outs......there was really a good twist.... no the surprise wasn't the twist as now we know MTV pretty well but the surprise was the effectiveness of the twist but Mohit has something else in mind which wasn't expected and he dumped Cheshtha who was also been voted out according to the twist so all in all it was a fair vote out with Cheshtha being the most decent voted out girl.

And then came the Rannvijay to Splitsvilla, he was as cool as ever and great what a twisted twist, but it was good having Rannvijay around in the show and it really made the show much much more interesting and thanks to him I'll be watching Splitsvilla 2 next week(Episode 5 - 4th April) also and according to the sneak peak its going to be a rocking one.

Episode 4 - 28 March Highlights

1. Tension raised after Ashutosh dumped in Episode 3
2. Meherzan Mazda out from splitsvilla due to problem in his breathing
2. Bajate Raho session's topic was least sexiest
3. Nalini and Stuti both got 3 votes and both were in dumping zone
4. 2 groups divided in splitsvilla, in 1st group - Param, Rahul, Nalini, Cheshtha and Shikha and in 2nd group - Siddarth, Aman, Sakshi, Ritika and Stuti
5. At the time of competition there was cat fight between Ritika and Cheshtha, and because of their fight, competition canceled and because their fight Nikhil declared Stuti safe but Cheshtha and Ritika in dumping zone
6. Next morning, Bhavaman Singh is back in splitsvilla on the place of Meharzan
7. Both groups tried to convince him, but not much happened
8. At Vodafone Second Chance, both girls tried their best to convince King Mohit
9. At Dumping Ground, Mohit dumped Cheshtha
10. But, Rannvijay came after all that drama and announced that from now NO KING NO QUEEN, but for that they have prove himself/herself, Everybody will get a chance to compete against King & Queen. FAIR ENOUGH...

Cheshta Bhagat Dumped - Episode 4

Bhav Aman Singh is back in Splitsvilla. After elimination in episode 1, he is back in MTV Splitsvilla 2. Now we will see what will he do for his survival in this game ?

I just sae the Sneak Peek of Episode 4, which I didn't happen to miss DID have a lot to eye catching material.
Nothing about the task was shown as to the slimy one of today except for a violent scream abusive and physical cat fight between Ritika and Chestha.

As far the other part the justification of King Or Queen shall be done too. I cant believe Rannvijay = Raghu of Splitsvilla 1.
Is Rannvijay gonna be the twist provider of Splitsvilla 2???
It was a pleasure to see the Chandigarh guys broaden their chest as to authoritatively taunting the King Mohit.

Anyways hope to get some good discussions outta y'all!!!

Yes, Rannvijay is back on MTV Splitsvilla 2 at Episode 4 - 28th March, and he is back with a TWIST and that is CHANGE OF KING & QUEEN right here, right now. Now we will see how Rannvijay twist the tale of love.

WAIT & WATCH...!!!

Ashutosh Kataria dumped from Splitsvilla in Episode 3 - 21st March

Sakshi Pradhan (not the one who was dumped in the first episode) and Ashutosh Kataria were the two new contestants of Splitsvilla. I'm still confused why these two made their entry in the show only in the second episode. I can only assume that the makers of the show were waiting for one Sakshi to be dumped so that they can rope in the second Sakshi to avoid confusion regarding their names. She managed to turn a few heads at the villa. Some guys even found her to be "hot", dunno why. But what about Ashutosh ?? His selection really baffled me. He made me go WTF and ROFL at the same time. I cant explain in words how pissed off I was after seeing him on the show. You need to watch him to understand what I went through. Rather, they could have selected any one of those guys who were rejected in the auditions.

For the first time in this season, we had the Bajate Raho session. All the girls were asked to write the name of the girl whom they think has the worst body and ditto with the boys. There were no surprises on this front as Shikha and Ashutosh won hands down and went directly into the dumping zone. But the highlight of the Bajate Raho session was when Ashutosh said he voted for the "grey shirt wala" by doing inky-pinky-ponky as he didn’t know anyone that well.

Soon, all the contestants were on the cruise, Casino Royale for their next task. They all had to vow the King and Queen by showing off their "good bodies" to be in the safe zone and avoid getting dumped (another sexist task). Siddharth, Param, Rahul did a good job among the boys while Ritika and Sakshi were good among the girls. But Suyash with his somersault and Chesta with her toy gun take the cake for being innovatively stupid.

Later when the King and Queen were requested to perform, Joanna rocked the ramp when she did a little jig of her own! Oh man! WHAT A PERFORMANCE! She was damn good with her movements. But it was the King, the jerk's performance which made me puke. WTF ! EEEEEKS

Aman,Suyash and Chesta,Meenakshi were the 2 boys and girls selected by the Queen and King respectively to go into the dumping zone, along with Ashutosh and Shikha.

Time for Vodafone Second Chance. It was boring to the core. I would rather watch saas-bahu instead of watching Aman, Suyash and Ashutosh trying to impress Joanna. While Aman and Ashutosh have no substance to leave a lasting impression, Suyash came across as an over confident chap. Maybe he was thinking that he would be saved coz he knows Joanna even before the show.

But it was the jack*** King's escapades in the pool which made me squirm in my seat. From forcing all the girls to get into the pool to ordering Meenakshi to get into the pool with her party dress on "within 30 seconds", he made all the wrong moves, which turned me off to no extent. He is one big *beep* pervert.

I will remember this episode's Dumping Ground for a long long time. It gave me great pleasure to see Mohit being slapped by Rahul, Siddharth and Param. It was really heartening to see Rahul take up the cudgels for Meenakshi in spite of his differences with her and spank Mohit for misbehaving with her in the pool. He deserved a kick on his butt.

While the girls chose to secure Aman, the boys chose to secure Shikha (good for her, or else she would have been dumped). But the shocker came when Joanna chose to dump Suyash, considering the fact Suyash used to brag about knowing Joanna even before the show happened. But i wasn't surprised when Mohit chose to dump Meenakshi. Not that the jerk was right, but she was a misfit for Splitsvilla.

The second episode was much better than the first one in terms of altercations and only the "war" can keep the viewers glued to Splitsvilla 2.

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