Episode 4 - 28 March Highlights

1. Tension raised after Ashutosh dumped in Episode 3
2. Meherzan Mazda out from splitsvilla due to problem in his breathing
2. Bajate Raho session's topic was least sexiest
3. Nalini and Stuti both got 3 votes and both were in dumping zone
4. 2 groups divided in splitsvilla, in 1st group - Param, Rahul, Nalini, Cheshtha and Shikha and in 2nd group - Siddarth, Aman, Sakshi, Ritika and Stuti
5. At the time of competition there was cat fight between Ritika and Cheshtha, and because of their fight, competition canceled and because their fight Nikhil declared Stuti safe but Cheshtha and Ritika in dumping zone
6. Next morning, Bhavaman Singh is back in splitsvilla on the place of Meharzan
7. Both groups tried to convince him, but not much happened
8. At Vodafone Second Chance, both girls tried their best to convince King Mohit
9. At Dumping Ground, Mohit dumped Cheshtha
10. But, Rannvijay came after all that drama and announced that from now NO KING NO QUEEN, but for that they have prove himself/herself, Everybody will get a chance to compete against King & Queen. FAIR ENOUGH...

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