It started with the start n the guy Meherzan has to go out coz of the circumstances which were not in his hand but good he went out before anyone blame him for contributing in making todays episode a boring that he always have done earlier.

And then came our BAJATE RAHO thing, which was indeed the only good thing about the show n kisi tarah Splitsvilla 2 ki bajane se usne bachcha rakhi hai. So here the thing was u have to vote a girl out on the basis of the least sex appeal and deserving Stuti went out instead of another deserving participant who surprisingly din get the votes against her, Ritika.

Ok so ab jab sab kuch ho gaya then they came to Villa famous for its WAR games which unsuccessfully MTV tried to hide by inserting love in the tag line but that din help much.

So there were some fights n little bit tensions then tension then lot of tensions and then hypertension (its a scientific word but still its my post ...ukhadlo jo ukhadna hai) which lead to fight in the evening with Ritika telling a girl that she will throw her into the water...oh god how much i wished it should happen but the thing was confined to just pushing or maybe 1-2 slaps that Cheshtha got(POOR GIRL) and then came Angry Cool Dude Nikhil Chinappa(well like everyone said yaar he is the only good thing about the show) and he threatened all of them that if something like this will happen again they will be thrown out and that too with their baggage but something bad still happened and sex appeal comp got canceled and Ritika and Cheshtha came into dumping zone and stuti was safe.

And then came the next day with everyone getting up n without even brushing their teeth ate Love Bites Candies and then came the surprise moment of the day(not us coz we already saw this in sneak peak but for them) n that was, Bhavaman came back to the show.

Now, for next year's MTV reality shows cheat code this is my contribution.... to be in a show till long....... do something interesting in first episodes and then get voted out(agar koi vote nahin kar raha then swear at everyone so that they will vote out).

Now then came the vote outs......there was really a good twist.... no the surprise wasn't the twist as now we know MTV pretty well but the surprise was the effectiveness of the twist but Mohit has something else in mind which wasn't expected and he dumped Cheshtha who was also been voted out according to the twist so all in all it was a fair vote out with Cheshtha being the most decent voted out girl.

And then came the Rannvijay to Splitsvilla, he was as cool as ever and great what a twisted twist, but it was good having Rannvijay around in the show and it really made the show much much more interesting and thanks to him I'll be watching Splitsvilla 2 next week(Episode 5 - 4th April) also and according to the sneak peak its going to be a rocking one.

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