You know the difference between Splitsvilla 1 and Splitsvilla 2, its actually a line of one word MIND-BLOWING start, if you remember Splitsvilla 1 it also made a Kickass start but lost some pace in between, the SPARK of Splitsvilla 2 was originated in such a way that it is capable of holding eyes for a long time for sure!

Now coming to the show,
Welcome to Splitsvilla 2,But hey wait dont forget 'Nikhil' Trust me He was the 'Gem' of the Hour, His presence certainly and suddenly provoked a perfect Start, you know the Problem with Rannvijay hosting splitsvilla is, we people ensure a 'Roadie-Stud' image in Him and that actually leads to certain Imbalance, but he Is one 'Perfect-candy' for Splitsvilla for sure, anyways coming to the show.

Yes, It was unexpected from the boys to the girls to the Set to The KING AND QUEEN, Mohit certainly Tend to pick up Speed Since the start and his Actions Gave One Hint,he is gonna definitely change the temper of the surrounding!
Coming to Joanna, HELL She was HOT but was not expecting such a HUGE TWIST in the Show, cause when Nikhil said ...Their will be one KING AND QUEEN, I for a sec expected VISHAL AND SHRADDHA (Don't know where are they right now)!

But Some things can be Be guaranteed after this Flick:-
- Bitchiness
- Anger
- Trouble
- Jealousy
- Twists
and of course LOVE AND WAR!

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