Episode 6 - 11th April Episode Highlights

Episode starts with competition for king and queen post between Mohit VS Siddarth and Joanna VS Ritika respectively. First competition started between Joanna and Ritika, they had to collect men's underwear or boxers in 30 minutes time limit. Ritika collects only 8 but hats off to Queen Joanna, she collects 10 underwears(hmm... I'm loving it...). Clearly, Joanna saves her seat of Queen in Splitsvilla.

Then its turn of Mohit and Siddarth. NOW, they had to collect kisses from ONLY men, but men will kiss with lipstick in 30 minutes time limit. Ohh...my God, what a muahhhh task. Anyways, they did their best shot. But at the end, Siddarth is only one, who collects more kisses than Mohit. So Guys & Gals, WELCOME OUR NEW KING, SIDDARTH BHARDWAJ.

But, but, but....there is one more turn to come to before road ends. They got a SMS regarding their new task, only for Ritika and Mohit. All planing and plotting starts again between 2 groups. Aman was happiest one because he thought girls will save him. But on the other hand, Rahul was upset because he knew that now Siddarth will dump either Shikha or Nalini. So, he tried his best to convince Siddarth.

At dumping ground, all came with their so called planing and plotting. One thing I must say here, MTV Splitsvilla 2 tag line - TWISTED TALE OF LOVE. Now the REAL TWIST comes, and twist was now Mohit will secure 1 boy and Ritika will secure 1 girl. Shocing naa...MTV members did again their job at its best. All planing-plotting dumped from dumping ground. Mohit secured Param and Ritika securd Stutie.

And then Joanna DUMPED Aman and Siddarth DUMPED Shikha(we all knew that he will not dumped Sakshi now,I mean NOT NOW).

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