1. Claim that you loved the title song, nothing else

2. Look confused and angry and ask “When will roadies start?”

3. Show your attitude and say I am different, I am 1 of those few people who watch splitsvilla

4. Tell roadies has planned to make GD’s of splitsvilla episodes

5. Splitsvilla? Who cares I turned it on to see nikhil chinappa. Long time after super select

6. Ahan 9 hot girls 9 hot men, so obviously 9 hot children

7. I was curious to know which jokers will ascend the throne left behind by varun and vishal

8. Pretend being feminist and say “WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN?”
Apparently hold a banner of “YOUTH FOR EQUALITY” in your hand

9. Yawn and accuse him to be watching COUPLE SUTRA and G-TALK

10. Make a weird face and tell them you are sacrificing yourself for the dear members of splitsvilla community on orkut

source: Devashish, MTV Ticker

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