1. 9 girls and 9 boys, will exploit a gem of place on goa for 1 month

2. The editor of splitsvilla earns more than the host. Its very tough job to edit all those slangs

3. The hottest thing in SPLITSVILLA is undoubtedly nikhil chinappa .

4. Suyash and sakhshi gives raghu a complex. Raghu will join them next year in slangs training

5. Guards will guard the floor of girls so that boys can’t attack. Ah I am sure they have better standards
BUT What if guards only attack them?

6. Twists are normal, we would be surprised if there won’t be any twist

7. 1 Secret : Splitsvilla was designed to boost the TRP of roadies,

8. All the handsome, attractive, good-looking, gorgeous ,beautiful, charming and all bestowed with similar adjectives BOYS AND GIRLS come from chandigarh and delhi.

9. The king and the queen are named from the attitude and not the powers

10. The king and queen live somewhere else. This means SPLITSVILLA is servants quarter

11. Only 1 thought was their in mind of audience when the HOT GIRLS were in swimming pool.
And that was to throw them in water

12. It is made clear 1 couple will win 5 lakh rupees and chance to host a show on MTV
Well they didn’t mention couple be of same sex or not

13. Splitsvilla where love is war
Love for being in the show and war for survival

14. Nikhil tried to give a moral speech on how to get safe in the show. SADLY no one understood, even from the audience.

15. Nothing is spared from water. Water outside the villa and also in the form tears inside the villa

16. LASTLY tried very hard to convince myself for writing this
This is Vodafone splitsvilla where love is war

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