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Well from today's episode one thing for sure clear. MTV SPLITSVILLA 2 is filled with some clever mind out their.

First, We all can see how JOANNA is..she is real smart chick and for sure got brains. How she reacted to nikhil's question "What you think Joanna ? What would be kings decision ?" She replied "I know he will like to beat mohit in game rather than throwing him out of the game as such" save her love. She did it all, BUT saying all this, its in love only she did it. Is this love true from Mohit's side ? I don't think so and I'm sure many people will agree with me on this. So is it Mohit who is clever ? Don't even dream about it, he is just using a girl's feeling. Nothing else, but ya one thing...he is using a smart girl, that's real smart of him.

Second, Siddarth today shocked all by voting mohit and sakshi out and saying "Sakshi, tere jaisi 2550 ladkiyaan dekh chuka hun" I mean we all found, that's it. Now Siddarth knows the truth, he got brains and he is clever to know it from the starting. He took a right decision, but but but..wait wait, game is not over. Sakshi played her part and Sid changed his view and his decision too. WOW...

Third, now comes the turn of Sakshi. From starting I'm saying she is real "CHANT" fakie with hell lot brains and drama stored inside. I mean she deserves "applause". How she maintains her this image all the time. Did anyone remember...Sakshi saying in between show that she DON'T TRUST SID FOR SURE... So no chance of love out there and when Sid got that and dumped her and proving her drama queen in front of all. WOW...tears came out...master stroke in this situation where she got nothing to loose. Even RAGHU would have believed her. Salute to u girl but beware, game is not over yet. Still I really hope, you are not fake and is true this time.

Fourth, how come we forget STUTI ? Haha silent cunt girl, made her way till here but bad luck, she got dumped. It was not in her hand, to be frank till now, her game plan was the best. She saved her from all the dumping grounds and really proven herself too. Though I don't like her much but still she was playing her game well and was proving herself to be clever of all and was nearly in top 4. Till...cue cards came out and she got dumped along with our PUNJABI MUNDA PARAM, always rocking and smart but not enough in this case.

BUT BUT BUT BUT....hey we all missed one person in this, you can talk about Joanna, Sakshi, Param, Mohit, Siddarth & Stuti. BUT In the end what actually happened is what NIKHIL CHINNAPPA wanted...

SO to be frank, for me smartest of all in splitsvilla 2 is Nikhil. Whats your choice and views now ?

Finally, after such a long time we got to see Love in the air. Otherwise, as Nikhil said, it was War on the Horizon. Sid saving Sakhi Pradhan was the indication of Love. Sid's decision to change his mind was pretty well planned. He would get a chance to win against Mohit with his abilities and not his power. Still would call Sakhi Pradhan a good Brain washer though. Her ability finally helped her in the end. But Sid's sudden change of thought was of doubt as to why he chose the girl whom he was a busing a minute ago.Well , Thats Splitsvilla...

Expect the Unexpected...

Bhavaman and Ritika have been dumped today from Splitsvilla, Siddarth saying that he will dump sakshi but he dumped Ritika and Bhavaman was the only choice for queen Joanna.

So guys and girls, episode 11 started again with new day as usual. Splitsvilla is now more tensed because nobody knows who gonna DUMPED next. As everybody was saying that a COLD WAR is going on.

Nikhil's SMS for another quiz already screwed boys and girls. This quiz was basis on Intelligence. Stuti did again good job, and she showed her intelligence side. From boys only Param left to compete with Stuti. Our so called, genius DR. BHAVAMAN was so overconfident and over aggressive for this quiz. At the end, we are tried to figure it out is he really a DOCTOR. Anyways, Stuti wins this competition and she secured herself, on the other side, ALL BOYS and Sakshi and Ritika means 5 contestants are in dumping zone. After very long time I saw a community in dumping ground.

After all this brain job(ya, its brain job, not b*** job) boys and girls came back and started their planning and plotting to save himself/herself. Girls received a SMS, and they called in a room of Splitsvilla, ONLY GIRLS. Just after girls boys received another SMS to spying girls this time. Girls had to decide who will be saved from dumping ground but without any influence of boys. On the other hand, boys are watching all this action LIVE on a TV screen. After so much arguments no decision made. And when JAB THEY MET, boys said that I KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON TV...

Siddarth and Joanna came for Vodafone Second Chance in Splitsvilla. And this time, Siddarth hold girls pulse to see her anger side. And believe me, Siddarth did his part of job very very good. Ritika and Sakshi both cried, but Sakshi told a lot to Siddarth. On the other side, Joanna met all boys.

At dumping ground, again fight between Siddarth and Stuti. As we all knew, Siddarth saved Sakshi and dumped Ritika Nainta. Joanna saved very obvious Mohit and Param and dumped Bhav Aman Singh.

Group Picture of Rahul Dwivedi, Param Baidwan, Joanna Magee and Suyash. All came from Chandigarh, desi punjabisss and they made MTV Splitsvilla 2 interesting and watchable.

Although, people might say that we didn't get to know quite about her. But that girl had a simplicity and a trait in her which might have tonight made you go at Siddharth " Heyy..No..not her ".

I mean I could not digest it. Sakshi Pradhan (the Bitchy one) and Ritika were next to her and he chose Sakshi Bhayana reasoning her as fake. I think Siddharth got it WRONG and that too big time.

I'm really starting to loose all the respect for Siddharth. I think it shows us a truth of life. Power is desired by all, but it changes most of the people for the worse. I think that Sakshi Bhayana was a nice girl, a girl who did not go below her morals to win the game show. Yeah, she had to dance with THE "King" * uh-uh *..Alas, as usual the planning of another Sakshi prevailed.

Now you guys, might say that I have developed a certain liking for that girl in a short-time. Yeah, you are right, She's way better than the spine-less girls hanging around in the show. Miss you, Sakshi Bhayana...

Episode 10 - 9 May Sakshi Bhayana Dumped

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