Well from today's episode one thing for sure clear. MTV SPLITSVILLA 2 is filled with some clever mind out their.

First, We all can see how JOANNA is..she is real smart chick and for sure got brains. How she reacted to nikhil's question "What you think Joanna ? What would be kings decision ?" She replied "I know he will like to beat mohit in game rather than throwing him out of the game as such" CLEVER...SMART...to save her love. She did it all, BUT saying all this, its in love only she did it. Is this love true from Mohit's side ? I don't think so and I'm sure many people will agree with me on this. So is it Mohit who is clever ? Don't even dream about it, he is just using a girl's feeling. Nothing else, but ya one thing...he is using a smart girl, that's real smart of him.

Second, Siddarth today shocked all by voting mohit and sakshi out and saying "Sakshi, tere jaisi 2550 ladkiyaan dekh chuka hun" I mean we all found, that's it. Now Siddarth knows the truth, he got brains and he is clever to know it from the starting. He took a right decision, but but but..wait wait, game is not over. Sakshi played her part and Sid changed his view and his decision too. WOW...

Third, now comes the turn of Sakshi. From starting I'm saying she is real "CHANT" fakie with hell lot brains and drama stored inside. I mean she deserves "applause". How she maintains her this image all the time. Did anyone remember...Sakshi saying in between show that she DON'T TRUST SID FOR SURE... So no chance of love out there and when Sid got that and dumped her and proving her drama queen in front of all. WOW...tears came out...master stroke in this situation where she got nothing to loose. Even RAGHU would have believed her. Salute to u girl but beware, game is not over yet. Still I really hope, you are not fake and is true this time.

Fourth, how come we forget STUTI ? Haha silent cunt girl, made her way till here but bad luck, she got dumped. It was not in her hand, to be frank till now, her game plan was the best. She saved her from all the dumping grounds and really proven herself too. Though I don't like her much but still she was playing her game well and was proving herself to be clever of all and was nearly in top 4. Till...cue cards came out and she got dumped along with our PUNJABI MUNDA PARAM, always rocking and smart but not enough in this case.

BUT BUT BUT BUT....hey we all missed one person in this, you can talk about Joanna, Sakshi, Param, Mohit, Siddarth & Stuti. BUT In the end what actually happened is what NIKHIL CHINNAPPA wanted...

SO to be frank, for me smartest of all in splitsvilla 2 is Nikhil. Whats your choice and views now ?

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