Although, people might say that we didn't get to know quite about her. But that girl had a simplicity and a trait in her which might have tonight made you go at Siddharth " Heyy..No..not her ".

I mean I could not digest it. Sakshi Pradhan (the Bitchy one) and Ritika were next to her and he chose Sakshi Bhayana reasoning her as fake. I think Siddharth got it WRONG and that too big time.

I'm really starting to loose all the respect for Siddharth. I think it shows us a truth of life. Power is desired by all, but it changes most of the people for the worse. I think that Sakshi Bhayana was a nice girl, a girl who did not go below her morals to win the game show. Yeah, she had to dance with THE "King" * uh-uh *..Alas, as usual the planning of another Sakshi prevailed.

Now you guys, might say that I have developed a certain liking for that girl in a short-time. Yeah, you are right, She's way better than the spine-less girls hanging around in the show. Miss you, Sakshi Bhayana...

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