Well, all of us had watched it. Yeah the grand finale of Spiltsvila and many of us are happy and many of us are not...

Joanna...the gal who was the queen since the beginning, who proved it many times that she deserves to be there. We all liked her presence of mind, her beauty, her intelligence...still today she lost it.

Can you give me one strong reason for her downfall...

Yup, obviously it is nothing but so much of closeness with a looser Mohit, sometimes love gives you all the pleasure of life, love raises you in life.

However, love can be a reason for a downfall too if that love is not with a right person and I surely believe that Mohit has no class in front of her, may b he has, but he never showed it.

Mohit, he proved himself a looser not once but many times. Firstly he tried to be get close to Meenakshi in the pool that was not at all good on his part. He should have a little decency in him, but he has not...

Secondly, he tried to be close with Sakshi Pradhan, a raunchy dance was that. What he was trying to prove ? If you love one person you can never do that. He should have shown loyalty towards Joanna.

Thirdly, Joanna dumped each guy just for Mohit, who in the end didn't performed in any task and was a complete looser. If it would had been anyone else in place of him, say Siddarth Joanna would have been in strong place and would have won till now.

Then Finally, at the end, when he was asked to choose between the point that Joanna had or Joanna to be paired up with him. He so smartly choose Joanna, stating that he wanna be with her and neglecting the fact that way her love can loose. On the other hand Joanna choose Mohit over her Victory.

This shows his selfish love for her and her sacrificing love for him. The true love but one sided.

Siddarth had always an upper hand over Mohit. He was good in tasks, he was good otherwise too. Initially he wanted to win this game with Joanna but only coz of her over flowing love for Mohit. He back off and finally decided to be with Sakshi, who may be true or may be not in her love for him but but but Joanna lost it. She would have won it.

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