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Manish With Dimple
Hurdles In Task
Pooja Bisht - Looking Gorgeous
Vartika Kaul - Only Performer In Task
Archana Choudhary - Girl On Target
Ruchita With Dushyant In Bajaate Raho Session
Dushyant Yadav - Lost Ruchita In Dumping Ground
Vartika Lost Her Only Friend
Vartika Lost Her Only Friend

Dushyant Yadav, a male contestant from MTV Splitsvilla Season 4, Showing His Abs with his friend in this pic.

After dumping of Yashita when all girls came back to villa, then Ruchita & Vartika were shocked with the behavior of Archana. Both wanted to kick her off from room, because as a roommate she didn't support Vartika & Ruchita but fought with them.

So when Archana entered in room both told to her to go out of room, but she didn't. So they started taunting each other, and after sometime they start fighting. Priya, Tina and other girls tried to sorted out things. But it didn't happened. Then Archana commented on Vartika's character. At this moment Vartika couldn't control her anger and start abusing her very badly and crying a lot. But Archana stayed calm after this, both Vartika & Ruchita left room.

Next morning, Sohfi was sharing her thought with Pooja & Aakriti that her biggest enemy was in Blue qabila, Dimple, because Sohfi didn't like Dimple's swimsuit and clothing sense. But Pooja didn't like her comments so now they started fighting with each other. On ther other hand, Dimple told to her friends that Sohfi wanted to gain attention and she had a split personality.

After Vodafone instruction for girls first task on Dubai's exotic desert, girls prepared for their task and went to task location where Nikhil was waiting.

The task was very interesting, named "jiske paas hogi izzat, wohi banega KING". All qabila girls had to search a bag of clothes in desert for their respective qabila's king. Priya was the only one who got the bag, so she start running towards her qabila king, Manish. But other qabila tried to stop her but somehow she passed bag Archana and she gave it to Manish. Manish's qabila won this task and Manish retained his kingship. Manish and their qabila girls saved from dumping but other 8 girls were in danger. But, but, but both other male contestants, Ashish and Dushyant had a power to save a girl from dumping ground.

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Episode 3 - Fight, Fight & Fight

Archana Choudhary - On Target

Manish Khanna - Again King

Vartika Kaul - Fought With Archana

Archana & Vartika Fight

Dushyant With Vartika & Sohfi

Vartika Kaul Fought With Sohfi Khan

Manish With Pooja In Swimming Pool

All Girls Doing Their First Task On MTV Splitsvilla 4

Episode 3 Sohfi Khan Dumped
Sohfi Khan dumped In Episode 3 - 17th December 2010 by King Manish Khanna

Yashita Sahu - Dumped From Splitsvilla 4
Nikhil - Host Of MTV Splitsvilla
Dushyant's Qabila
Ruchita Rao
Ashish, Yashita & Aakriti
Manish Khanna - 1st King Of The Season 4
Manish Khanna - 1st King Of The Season 4
Nikhil - Host Of MTV Splitsvilla
Sanjana & Dimple

Yashita Sahu dumped In Episode 2 - 10th December 2010 by King Manish Khanna

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