What a start of MTV Splitsvilla Season 4 - The Gamble Of Love. 13 sexy girls and 3 cool dude boys in a villa on the Palm Jumeirah archipelago, which is in Dubai. And host of the show is same like, our very own VJ Nikhil Chinappa, and he is hosting the show alone.

Somehow I got very positive vibes for this show from Episode 1 of this season, like I felt earlier in first season of MTV Splitsvilla.

13 Girls reached Dubai with their own strategies to win MTV Splitsvilla. Once they reached the villa, they allotted rooms for themselves. After some time Nikhil came and told them that get ready for the party and most importantly to meet boys.

All 13 girls were looking smoking hot and gorgeous, they dance very well in the party, and they nominated WEIRD DANCER ON THE FLOOR is Srishtti Gupta. Her moves was not attractive at all. Anyways Nikhil came and spent some time with girls on the dance floor. Now, its the time to meet boys.

Ashish Choudhary, A Model, from Delhi, was 1st boy who entered very confidently and at that point of time almost all girls doesn't like him.

Manish Khanna, A Model from last 3 years, from Delhi again, was 2nd boy. He has very attractive and strong body. Few girls like him but few not. Love Him or Hate Him, but he has everything for this show.

Dushyant, Journalist, from Dehradun, 3rd and last boy in Splitsvilla, looks pretty decent and shy type.

Nikhil gave some time to mix up to all boys and girls. So they start talking with each other and some quality time with loved one. Then Nikhil came and gave red, blue and green band to Ashish, Manish and Dushyant respectively. And told that each boy have to create a qabila or group with 4 girls. So, they choose as follows:-

Ashish :- Yashita, Vartika, Sanjna, Aakriti
Manish :- Dimple, Priya, Payal, Archana
Dushyant :- Pooja, Sohfi, Ruchita , Tina

So, the last girl, Srishtti left and became least deserving for boys and now everybody was thinking that she will be dumped. But the game changed here and Nikhil told her to choose the KING OF SPLITSVILLA. Thats all for Episode 1.

But hey, ek baat to main aapko batana bhool hi gaya, this time the prize money is Rs. 10 Lac and a show on MTV as usual.

So, wait and watch this space next week Episode 2, whos gonna be first King of Splitsvilla, whos gonna be dumped, and, and, and of course some cat fights so early...Till then Enjoy...

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