MTV Splitsvilla 4 Episode 5 - 31st December 2010 Highlights

Manish & Ashish Fight - Modern Karan Arjun
This time task was performed by only boys, bit relief for girls this time. All 3 boys need to fight in a square box with hard pillow type of thing. When task started Ashish and Manish both targeted Dushyant and threw him out 2 times and eliminate him from task. But when Manish & Ashish were fighting with each other to win the crown-ship of King, suddenly a accident happened and Manish's nose hit badly and started bleeding. Suddenly both became Karan-Arjun and want to give balidaan for each other. But at the end Manish became the King for the 3rd time.

Pooja Bisht - Hottest Girl In Splitsvilla
Now Ashish and Dushyant had to save a girl from their respective qabila. So, Ashish saved Vartika and Dushyant saved Pooja. And 3 saved girls from Manish's qabila voted 3 girls Aakriti, Sanjana and Srishtti to send them for dumping ground from Ashish's qabila.

Manish & Dimple
In between there was bit fight between Manish and Dimple because Dimple spend too much time with Ashish and Manish didn't liked at all.

Srishtti - Dumped Without Any Reason
At the dumping ground Manish dumped Srishtti and saved Aakriti and Sanjana. Srishtti was a darling for every one and Manish had no reason to dump her.

Next week, in first episode of 2011, that means Episode 6 - 7th January 2011, a new boy will enter in Splitsvilla with 3 girls...It will be more fun to watch if he will become friend of Dushyant as Manish & Ashish both playing games against Dushyant.

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