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All the girls come back to the villa. Aakriti feels insulted because Ashish called her just a friend on on national tv. Aakriti is complaining to pooja. Pooja tells her that ashish only flirted with her and used her as an emotional support. Aakriti says if i was a friend why did ashish come to my room, flirt with me sleep on my lap and all.
Archana tells Ashish that the day aakriti is out of the splitsvilla she will trust him. Ashish tells her to stop being insecure. Pooja tells Aakriti not to pay heed to Ashish and carry on playing the game normally.
All the girls wake up in the morning and find woodland tshirts on their beds. Manish gets a message that they have to meet on Al Manzaar beach for a competition.
All arrive at the beach to see a ring made there, Dushyant estimates that the ring is made for some physical competition.
Nikhil says the competition will be between 2 qabilas alliance vs the other 2 qabilas. The Competitions name is Kiss or Slap. All the guys have to be tied to poles. Girls from the oppposite teams have to try and reach the boys to either kiss or slap them. 2 girls from both the teams are the defenders and attackers. Dushyant and Sai's team form one Alliance and Ashish and Manish's team are in the other alliance.
The game starts Pooja and yashita are versus sohfi and archana. Sohfi gets angry with yashita because yashita puts sand in her eyes to reach to the other side, but sohfi doesnt let go at all.
Sohfi and Archana win the first round.
Aakriti and priya are vs tina and sanjana. Aakriti says the way sanjana caught priya was as if an elephant had caught a mouse. Both the alliances scores are zero.
Pooja succeeds in getting away from sohfi's clutches and slaps Ashish. She said she wanted to kiss him but when she saw aakriti's face she slapped him.
Yashita reaches manish and kisses him. Manish is shocked because he was expecting a slap.
Aakriti escapes tina and sanjana's team and slaps both sai and ashish lightly. Dushyant and Sai's alliance win by one point. One will be made a king.
Archana anticipates a storm. Ashish and Manish's girls team are given the power to
choose the new splitsvilla king between Sai and Dushyant.
All the girls are asked to write their votes. Dushyant is unanimously voted as the king of splitsvilla. Tina feels bad tha sai was not made the king, she feels all her efforts of breaking her bones were wasted.
Ashish had made an agreement with Dushyant that if he wanted votes to be the king he had to dump yashita.
Pooja sends Sanjana, sohfi and priya to the dumping zone.
All these three girls have to go with dushyant for the Vodafone second chance Date. Ashish tells sanjana and sohfi to say exactly what he speaks to dushyant. Ashish says priya has to be removed.
Archana tells Ashish that sanjana should go and ashish says he wants to weaken manish's qabila.
Manish tells sohfi that if she makes sanjana go he will support her. Sohfi is confused.
on seeing sohfi, priya and sanjana coming in for the date Dushyant comes to know pooja has made these decisions. He realises that manish is influencing pooja to make these decisions.
Sanjana conveys Ashish's message to dushyant to dump priya. Sohfi says manish sent a message to dump sanjana.
Priya says that you should dump sanjana. Dushyant tells priya he doesnt want to do what Manish asks hm to.
All gather in the dumping ground.
Sai tells Dushyant to exercise his power in the right direction. Pooja tells Dushyant not to get emotional while taking his decision. Pooja says she wants sanjana to go. Dushyant asks pooja not sohfi. Sanjana gestures to dushyant to relax and make her go, Sanjana says she will always be targeted and she doesn't want to feel unwanted.
Dushyant dumps Sanjana. Pooja is happy.
Sohfi and Priya are safe. Nikhil asks Ashish that he doesnt look particularly happy
on seeing sohfi getting saved. Ashish says sohfi thinks from a zero mind. He says its like putting your feet in shit and getting shit on your shoes.
Sanjana says Pooja is the mastermind of Splitsvilla and Pooja had promised to save her if she was being dumped.
Nikhil asks her why she didnt take yashita's name. Pooja says because she had promised yashita not to take her name. Nikhil asks her why is she making so many promises.
Sanjana walks out on a positive note.

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